Election Checklist

September 2004


This election poses a lot of questions for the voters. It also presents a choice between two different ways of viewing the world. Read this checklist and see where your sympathies lie.

Review this list of different political statements. The column on the left represent the prevailing views of generic "Neo Conservative" Bush suporters. The column on the right reprents complementary views of "New Democrat" Kerry supporters. None of these statements is a direct quote from either candidate or their staff -- all are intended to represent a general perspective, rather than a specifically elucidated position. -- Have fun

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Income > $150,000 per annum Income < $150,000 per annum
Compulsory military service (a draft) is a good idea Compulsory military service (a draft) is a bad idea
I watch FOX news because they tell me what I want to hear. I seek out different opinions and try to understand why people disagree with me.
America is the greatest nation on Earth and no one else can come close to being as good. This is a great country, but we could be even better.
Effective rule through regulation, bypassing the House and Senate. Effective rule with the consent and oversight of the House and Senate.
God gave us the Earth to use as we see fit. God gave us Earth to see how we'd take care of it.
If you don't love this country, get out. If you don't love this country, come up with something better.
If I don't break the law when I make a profit it should be mine and the government should butt out. Citizens have a reasonable expectation that their government should aggressively discover when the public is being harmed, and protect people, regardless of means, from being victimized.
There is nothing wrong with driving a car that gets 9 miles per gallon. I want to drive what I like and don't care if you don't like it. If you can, you should pick the most fuel efficient vehicle that does the job -- there is no reason why most cars shouldn't get at least 30 mpg.
I am against legal abortion. I am against illegal abortion.
When the majority of the people are in favor of something, the government still should not do it if I think it is wrong. When the majority of the people are in favor of doing something wrong, it is the duty of every citizen to convince people to change their minds.
Poor people should not get free health care just because they're poor. No one should be forced to watch their child die because they can't afford to pay for medical treatment.
Everyone should pay tax at the same rate, regardless of their income, because that is the most fair. The rich, who have benefited most, should pay the most tax because they can afford it. Thus more people who are poor can pay less tax because they can't afford it.
America should have a first-strike policy and attack any nation that might pose a threat to our national security. America should never strike the first blow because it is wrong to do so. Effective diplomacy is the best guarantee of our national security.
Economic prosperity is more important than limiting damage to the environment. The environment always recovers anyway. Environmental damage should be minimized as much as possible so that the planet doesn't recover by getting rid of human kind.
I always vote for lower taxes. I vote for effective, fiscally responsible government.
Unions make working people want things they can't have, with money they are not entitled to. Without unions, workers are little better off than slaves.
The national debt is not a real problem. We must endeavor to reduce our national debt. Handing off that debt to our children is criminal.
Educating most people is a waste of time. An informed and educated electorate is the foundation of a good democracy.
If foreigners don't like us or what we're doing, that's just too bad. America shouldn't have to accomodate any other nation's views, regardless of the consequences. If foreigners disagree with us, we should work with them to find consensus. Accomodating other people's views is a better alternative than daring them to attack us.
Every penny I get back in taxes, I should spend on charity so that we can stop relying on government to do what we should do for ourselves. I rely on my government to act charitably toward people in need, and to act on my behalf in this way as it does in others.
Anyone who takes my tax money without working for it is a freeloader and doesn't deserve my money. Corporations who manipulate government agencies to make huge profits from my taxes are freeloaders and don't deserve my money.
Killing babies on purpose is murder. (Abortion) Deciding not to provide medical care to pregnant women because they are poor, kills babies and is murder.
I look forward to my children entering military service and serving their country proudly. I am afraid that our children will be put in harms way for no good reason, and that we will hate our country when they die for nothing.
Unions are bad for business and whatever is bad for business is bad for America. The right of a free people to organize in their own defense shall not be abridged.
Socialism is always bad. The only system that works is capitalism and the free market. No one system always works in every case. The best circumstance is a system that uses the best of many systems as they work best.
Globalization extends the benefits of Western Capitalism into other nations for the good of everyone concerned. Globalization is an updated form of economic colonialism that destroys indigenous economies to profit foreign investors.

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