Bush Wins

October 2004


Hail the victor and God Almighty ain't we all glad it's OVER for another 3 years or so.

Well, we fought the good fight and we lost. The neocons will now move even more rapidly to implement their radical agenda, changing forever what America is and what it means to be an American. But however they won, what we must make sure that they know is this:

There are tens of millions of eyes on you guys and we will remain vigilant, committed and determined to bring you to task for every wrong you do.

We will resist and we will hold the line against the march of Fascism across the landscape of this great country. They will call us traitors, and worse, and we will remain steadfast in loyalty to the principles espoused in our great Constitution and Bill of Rights. And many who have held conservative views will join us as it becomes increasingly clear that these charlatans are just using the conservative mantle to cloak their venal and rapacious programs.

My expectations for the future are not very cheerful:

Remain informed. Ask questions. Demand answers. Do not allow yourself to be turned into a passive consumer. Vote with your money and with your feet. Get involved with other people. Unionize. We can only fight these fascist trends if we organize into effective groups. If we can't get liberty and social justice from the top down, we're going to have to force it on these tycoons from the bottom up, just like our grandparents did.

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