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Everyone says that my way of life
Is the way of life of a simpleton.
Being largely the way of the life of a simpleton is what
Makes it worthwhile.
If it were not the way of life of a simpleton
It would long ago have been worthless.

These possessions of a simpleton, being the
Three I choose and cherish:
To care
To be fair
To be humble.

When a person cares, they are unafraid.
When a person is fair, they leave enough for others.
When a person is humble, they can grow.
Whereas, if like clever people of today
A person is bold without caring,
Self-indulgent without sharing,
Self-important without shame
They are dead.

The invincible shield of caring
Is a weapon from above
Against being dead.

Henry Meyerding 2007-01-27