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One may move so well that a footprint never shows,
Speak so well that their tongue never slips.
Reckon so well that a tally is never needed,
Seal an entrance so tight that, though using no lock,
It cannot be opened,
Bind a hold so firm, though using no chord,
That it cannot be untied.

And these are the traits not only of a sound person
But of many a person thought to be unsound.
A sound person is good at salvage,
At seeing that nothing is lost.

Having what is called insight,
A sound person, before she can help an unsound person,
finds in herself what is the matter with the unsound person.
And whichever person discounts the lesson
Is as far off the road as the other,
Whatever else they may know.
This is the heart of it.

Henry Meyerding 2007-01-27