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Long ago the land was ruled with a wisdom
Too fine, too deep to be fully understood,
And since it was beyond mankind's full understanding,
Only some of it has come down to us, as in these sayings:
"Alert as a winter farer on an icy stream,"
"Wary as a man in ambush,"
"Considerate as a welcome guest,"
"Selfless as melting ice,"
"Green as an uncut tree,"
And this also, "Roiled as a torrent."

Why roiled as a torrent?
Because when a person is in turmoil
How shall they find peace, save by staying patient
Until the stream clears?
How can a person's life keep to its course
If the person will not let it flow?
Those who seek to flow as life flows
Know they need no other force:
Not seeking fulfillment,
They are not swayed by desire for change.

Henry Meyerding 2007-01-27