Thunk ! A Noisy World

Thunk! A noisy world,
A world whose din you cannot escape
Surrounds you --- damn.
The wind claws you, the sea bellows,
The wrath of its roiled torrents
Are multimedia bazaar.

The screeching of fowl -- You never escape the buzzard's bark
The incessant twittering of idiot pests
Nor even the pounding of the woodpecker
For you this torture is.

Only a babble of incessant chatter, of thoughtless noise;
Or else, certainly you quiver
Attacked by booming resonant explosions
Ah, the jest of dynamite -- What ho the NITRO

Thunk again! Your wife's nagging,
Full of certain rectitude for you it never ceases
Even your own name you ignore at every possible opportunity;
You know you're as thick as a plank
To the astonishment of no one else.

Ah! you who Deaf!
Forget not all those foolish hearies
Cursed by an impossibility of silence
Incapable of coherent or determined cogitation in a world they define
To be most beneficial for themselves
They are doubly damned.

Think! and forget them not.


Henry Meyerding 2002 (by permission)

creative commons