T Rex

Rex is a good 'ol buddy of mine
We've been everywhere together
Big T, T-Trex, he went with me everywhere for years

He put hairs on my chest
And my face
He made stuff personal that wasn't really about me
Well, it involved me, but he made it seem it was
Aimed at me somehow

He never got me angry that I know of
It was more that he enabled my anger
Made it justified, made it make sense somehow
It wasn't just something I felt inside
It was something that made a difference in my world
Some inner sense of direction
That led me false and astray

And he made me proud and strong
That T Rex made me yearn to be hard
To be inflexible, to be out front and in charge
Even when I wasn't any good at it
That's OK
Friends'll do that for one another

And it wasn't till we parted company
It wasn't until we went our separate ways
That I plumbed the depths of my own deception
Charted a course through my own heart
Saw myself not as a thing in itself
But as a part of a greater whole
Composed of others

Silly T Rex, heart of gold
But a brain the size of a walnut
And a lot of what was wrong in me
Is wrong with our world
I don't know how to fix it
For all those with their daily fix of T-Rex
Running the world right off a cliff
Without knowing where they're going
Cause T-Rexes don't never ask for directions



creative commons