Scary Out There

It's getting scary out there children
It's getting dangerous alright
So many people hating
So many people think they're right
The politicians trading in hate
The businesses buying and selling hate
The religious leaders giving hate away for free
Where's it going to end, child?

In Uganda they're keeping a secret
In Honduras they're keeping a secret
All over the world the same secret kept
Fighting, living, lying, dying, trying.

I used think I was pretty damn lucky, child
I was kind of smug to tell the truth
Because other people fought my battles
Because other people gave their lives for me
I was safe, free, able to be me
I didn't have to look over my shoulder
I didn't need to pretend anymore

But now I wonder children
Now I'm not so sure, not at all
It only took ten years for the hate to blossom
It took just a decade for the Nazis
To the take the most civilized and tolerant nation on earth
Into barbarism
We could be next
Sons and daughters thrown into the flames
Surrounded by legions of people who
Ought to know better

Yes, I'm scared now children
I'm not smug no more
As I sit here waiting for the hand on my shoulder
As I lie awake at night waiting for the knock on my door.


creative commons