And what would your song become, dear Spring
Grown old and unlovely
Your shield is shrinking away
Your defense more tired, more careworn

You smile, I think, it's a knowing smile
Dangerous and confident
Showing nothing, giving nothing away
Deeper and deeper, down and down
Layer after layer, the inside is bigger than the outside
I reach out my hand, but you've gone

I feel a child beside you,
My half century so uneventful, so uninteresting
I've met so many, known so few
I've basked in their reflected glory, feeling somehow
Their greatness would rub off on me
It didn't.

You tell me old stories of hate and fear and surrender
Your words should shock me, scare me, frighten me
But I just nod.
Yours is our common heritage
Your pain my pain our pain
That pain that unites no one
It can't be shared, it is not coped with
It doesn't get better

We just survive
Walk with me now, hold my hand
No, dear, we won't talk
We will listen
It is not the world that harmed us
It is harmed men and harmed women
Frightened children refusing to grow up
Remaking their world so that when they die
Their agony will be stamped on our faces
It is their legacy, their gift


May we grow up now, please?
On our journey to embrace death
May we finally accept life, just as it is
Not to control, not to manage, but a day
All day long like a tree just drinking in time
Then we can die unafraid
We'll have peace.
We'll be over



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