It's people, just people who are the problem
Always the problem, never the solution
They are the fly in the ointment, the sand in the soup
They rush in where angels fear to tread
They bury you with platitudes
Confusing, befuddling, exasperating
It's my curse, my cross and my penance
Stuck on a world with seven billion of them
Each one worse than the last.

When they're not being too stupid for words
They're being too clever by half
They drive you to drink
And then call you a drunk
It just isn't fair that they promise so much
And deliver so seldom
If I wasn't one of them
I'd drown the whole lot.

I'm the not worst one of the bunch
Nor the rottenest apple in the barrel
The best are much better than me
And the worst scare you silly
Half of them are worse than me
Half of them are better
My mediocrity knows no bounds
Guess that makes me average
God, I hate being ordinary.



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