Gender Outlaw

I wanna be a gender outlaw
I wanna wear a big ass pink Stetson hat
But I ain't gonna chew no tobacco, bub
Perched up there on that great big 'ol white horse
Riding into town with a big grin
When people stare I won't mind

I wanna be a gender outlaw
I want people to smile back when I smile at them
But I ain't gonna join no ladies auxiliary, ma'am
When our eyes meet they won't look away
I want to get the joke, not be the joke
I'll shoot down ever prejudice and superstition
I'll be the hero of everyone in town

I wanna be a gender outlaw
I want the bad guys to be afraid of me for a change
But I won't jump them in some back alley, mate
And when it's time to go, I won't go quietly
I want to leave in my own time and in my own way
I won't be afraid of no one
I'll gallop me into the sunset

Yippe Ki Yay!


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