You tell me I am untrue
My life is full of lies
And I agree
But we disagree
About what is the lie
And what is the truth

You tell me that I am just making the whole thing up
That my patterns are invented and my reasons mere pantomime
You swear you've seen me dance the same dance
To another tune at another time and call that true
Just another movement of the same sonata
One more flavor of the same old shit

I say, but this is different
You've heard it all before

And perhaps you have, for you should know
I am afterall the one of us with the most trouble telling
What is real moment by moment in a world of so many lies
I can but say the same words again, one more time
Knowing they're different, even if they are heard the same
Feeling new feelings, though you call them the same.

Your words cut into me like long, sharp knives
Again and again, deeper and deeper
It doesn't matter because this pain in prferrable
Is miles ahead of the alternative
of silence


creative commons