She's a friend of mine
Well, sort of, though we've never met
We write sometimes when it happens
I share my thoughts and feelings
She shares her events and conclusions

Nothing ever happens to me, you see.

When she has fears or traumas
I listen and tell her just what I think
I guess she reads what I write
She's having surgery this month:
A lump in her throat - I don't know any more

Nothing ever happens to me, you see.

I wonder sometimes what makes a friend
Some people think friends are people who can do things for you
I disagree, always have, always will
Friends are people you've done things for
Not because you owed them, not because they'll owe you

It's not about the balance sheet, you see.

No, it's being of use, making a difference
These friends stand by you and you by them
There really isn't much of a reason why, really
It's what friends do, it's what I do, when I can
When it is possible, when you can tell

It doesn't matter if nothing happens, you see.

I don't know if I have made any difference in her life
I don't know so much that is to know
That would let me determine if I have an effect
If I make a difference and she would call me her friend
So I call her mine and hope for the best.

Nothing ever happens to me, you see.



creative commons