Faceless in Seattle

You know I used to care alot about people
I really did care about who was where and why
Friends, family, strangers I'd never met, all in one common jumble
All with an equality absolute

Which meant I cared for nobody really,
except of course myself.
I was good at it, too.
I had holier than thou down pat.
And I'd deny it in a New York minute, if you called me on it.

And then I got on the net
It's easy to play parts online - "nobody knows you're a dog online"
Yeah, I had fun.

And do you know, I got hurt, but it never occurred to me
Not even once until just this line, right now
This very minute I am writing this
whether I hurt anyone else?

It was all about me, wasn't it? All those faceless nameless characters
Some kind of private revere - some kind of sudden bliss
Wrapped around my mind again
Feeling dizzy.



creative commons